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Local investment Workshop in Columbus, Nov. 17th

This even is in the past. For a summary of the concepts and tools presented, please read 10 tools for local investing. Michael H. Shuman economist, attorney, author, entrepreneur, and one of the world’s leading experts on community economics. Shuman’s cutting-edge research is focused on investing in entrepreneurs, small and medium size businesses to revitalize […]

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Columbus Metropolitan Club Luncheon: Starting and Funding Start-up Businesses

Columbus Metropolitan Club: The forum, “Be the Boss: Starting and Funding New Business,” will highlight funding sources available to small businesses, social enterprises, and start-ups in the local food and retail economies.

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How Cooperative Grocery Stores are Bringing Food Access to Low-Income Neighborhoods

Think food co-ops can only exist in wealthy neighborhoods? Think again, and then check out this exciting new resource from the Cooperative Development Institute (an NEC member) detailing different models of cooperative ownership that are bringing real food and good jobs to low-income communities around the US. Read more How Cooperative Grocery Stores are Bringing […]

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Who Built That?

With the slew of personal attacks and irrelevant trivia that tends to dominate the airwaves in an election year, one could be forgiven for not following politics too closely right now. Recently, though, something of substance emerged out of the bickering, something that may challenge our most deeply held feelings about supporting local businesses. It […]

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It’s Easy Being Green at City Folks Farm Shop

City Folks Farm shop in Clintonville is an independent locally owned business commited to being a community resource for urban homesteading supplies and information. Visitors to the shop will find those hard to find items like chicken feed, organic and heirloom seeds, organic seedlings. The shop carries rain barrels, compost bins, beneficial insects, beekeeping supplies […]

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An Alternative Way to Save

New Invest Local Ohio Fund Offers Individuals an Alternative Way to Save ECDI – the Economic and Community Development Institute – has created an innovative opportunity for anyone with a minimum of $1000 to invest in small businesses in central Ohio.  You can earn up to 3% interest and, even more important, enjoy the satisfaction […]

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The Multiplier Effect of Buying Local

When we buy from locally owned businesses, more money stays in the local economy and multiplies 2-4 times! A 10% shift from chain to local in Franklin County will generate $312 million dollars and 5000+ new jobs. SOURCE: Civic Economics – “Local Works!” Study, 2008. Commissioned by Local First West Michigan The question is […]

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Opportunity Multiplied

This video explains the work of Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) like the Economic and Community Development Institute (ECDI) based in Columbus. CDFIs combine creative and innovative financing, responsible lending practices and affordable products and services to meet the needs of America’s investors, communities and individuals. ECDI has “created a job a day and worked […]

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Michael Shuman Speaks about BALLE Collaboration

Michael Shuman speaks at the National Trust Main Street Center Green Summit (Feb 2011) about BALLE collaboration.

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SOLE Sponsors Informational Sessions on the New Invest Local OhioFund

Originally posted on Think Columbus First, a SOLE project. Invest Local Oho? Is that even possible? Yes! ECDI – the Economic and Community Development Institute right here in Columbus, can offer you up to 3% interest and, even more important, the satisfaction of knowing that every dollar of your money will be invested in local, independent businesses in […]

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