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An Alternative Way to Save

New Invest Local Ohio Fund Offers Individuals an Alternative Way to Save

ECDI – the Economic and Community Development Institute – has created an innovative opportunity for anyone with a minimum of $1000 to invest in small businesses in central Ohio.  You can earn up to 3% interest and, even more important, enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that every dollar of your money will support our local economy, not the global multinational corporations and banks. Want to learn more?  Come to an informational meeting and find out how the fund works with other ECDI funds to provide micro loans to small businesses.  “Since 2004, ECDI has created a job a day, and helped a new business every week,” according to ECDI president and general counsel, Steve Fireman.  Meet Steve and hear from Chuck Lynd how investing locally strengthens our community. The session is free but limited to 12 people.

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