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SOLE Sponsors Informational Sessions on the New Invest Local OhioFund

Originally posted on Think Columbus First, a SOLE project.

Invest Local Oho? Is that even possible? Yes! ECDI – the Economic and Community Development Institute right here in Columbus, can offer you up to 3% interest and, even more important, the satisfaction of knowing that every dollar of your money will be invested in local, independent businesses in central Ohio.

ECDI has established a special Invest Local Ohio fund that can begin to reverse the trend of investing through Wall Street and help us rebuild our local economy on “Main Street.” You can move your CDs – or stocks if you own some – out of the global financial casino and begin investing in central Ohio. The minimum investment is $1000.

SOLE offered two informational meetings about ECDI’s new Invest Local Ohio fund in December 2011 and in January this year. The next meeting will be offered in March (date to be determined) at the ECDI offices,1655 Old Leonard Ave, Columbus 43219. This is an excellent opportunity to meet ECDI president and General Counsel, Steve Fireman and have your questions answered about the fund.

If you are interested in attending a future session, contact Chuck Lynd <> or call 614-354-6172. The session is free and limited to 12 people. Refreshments are provided by the Celebrate Local store in the Easton Town Center (ECDI is a partner).

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