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Dine Originals Offers 7 Days of Extraordinary Offers Nov 8-14

Twice a year (in March and November) Dine Originals members collaborate to offer a week of creative menus at special prices for three reasons:

1. We want to encourage guests to explore restaurants they have never tried. We have great confidence that once you’ve been in and had a terrific experience, you’ll be back.

2. To thank “regulars” for their patronage with a menu offering that showcases the strengths of the restaurant. Whether it’s L’Antibes or Katzinger’s, our talented chefs have a terrific time developing the Dine Originals Week features.

3. And to focus attention on the message behind our organization: being mindful about where you spend your dining dollars really does matter. When you make a choice to keep it local, you are not only supporting a local restaurant…you are supporting the local printers, sign makers, farmers, insurance agents, dairies, and banks that are in business with the restaurant. Chain restaurants bring materials and ingredients into Columbus on 18 wheeler trucks and ship jobs, business, and dollars out of town. Dine Originals Week is a reminder that you can contribute to the Central Ohio economy one bite at a time!

So how does it work? Each restaurant has developed a special offer for the week. You don’t need a coupon or a certificate, but reservations are often a good idea.

And because we all love the idea of developing an appreciation for fresh food and the skills to make smart choices, we are making a $5100 contribution to Local Matters for the good work they do in schools throughout the region. We really are incredibly proud of the work our compatriots at Local Matters Do, and we urge you to learn more about their programs at

We invite you to get out and about November 8 – 14; our celebration of the most vibrant local dining scene in the Midwest wouldn’t be the same without you!

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